Papers & Reports

"Rapid Simplification of Multi-Attribute Meshes"
A. Willmott,
High Performance Graphics, August 2011.

"Hierarchical Face Clustering on Polygonal Surfaces" 
M. Garland, A. Willmott, P. Heckbert, 
ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, March 2001.

"Hierarchical Radiosity with Multiresolution Meshes" 
A. Willmott, 
PhD dissertation. CMU Technical Report CMU-CS-00-166, 2000.

"Face Cluster Radiosity"
A. Willmott, P. Heckbert, M. Garland, 
 Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, 1999.

"An Empirical Comparison of Progressive and Wavelet Radiosity" 
A. Willmott, P. Heckbert, 
Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, 1997.

"An Empirical Comparison of Radiosity Algorithms" 
A. Willmott, P. Heckbert, 
CMU Technical Report CS-97-115, April 1997.

"Analytical Patch Factors for Adaptive Subdivision", 
A. Willmott, 
New Zealand Journal of Computer Science,  July 1993.

"Fuzzy Rendering for High-Quality Image Generation" 
A. Willmott, 
MSc. Thesis, Computer Science Department, University of Auckland, 1993.

"Tridee - An Object-Oriented 3D Graphics Package" 
R. Lobb, A. Willmott, 
Australasian Annual Computer Science Conference proceedings, August 1992.